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The V/4 Polling Booth is the original engineered product from Pakflatt. All compartments are accessible on the horizontal plane to voters who use wheelchairs or those who need to sit while making their ballot. One writing table is at a lower level on the vertical plane. The booth is a one piece construction with no loose parts so that no tools are required for assemble of dismantling. A telescopic leg assembly locks in place with a no-collapse feature incorporated for the safety of handlers and users. Extended visors are standard providing the dual benefit of smallest possible transit package.


Fit four stations in the space of one
Robust and damage resistant
Easily assembles in minutes
No tools required
No loose parts
Accessible to all electors
Universally designed
Complete with transit packaging
Reduced maintenance, transportation, storage and handling costs
Will survive flooded or damp stored
Can be used outdoors in all weather conditions
Can be used as a display or information booth at all times


Dimensions : Assembled 1.6m (W) x 1.6m (D) x 1.75m (H)
Dimensions : Packaged 0.97m (W) x 0.24 (D) x 0.65m (H)
Dimensions : Folded 0.61m (W) x 0.225m (D) x 0.955m (H)
Weight 21kg
Height to desk 950mm (Standing)
Height to desk 760mm (Sitting / Wheelchair)


Colour Anodised (or as requested)

4 Way Voting

The Pakflatt V4 is a unique four compartment booth, in that all four compartments are accessible to all wheelchair users, or those who need to sit while voting.

4/3/2 Options

The Pakflatt V4 can be set up as a two, a three or a four to suit the available space in a variety of polling stations.

Universal Accessibility

Since voters with and without disabilities come in a variety of sizes, with the V4 / Franklin®, it is the voter who gets to choose which table height is a good fit for their needs.


Easy to transport / assemble by one person

Easy to Assemble in Minutes

No loose parts / no tools required / Access to assembly instructions online at any time

No Tools Required

One piece construction with no loose parts, so that no tools are required for either assembly or dismantling.

Privacy Options

Privacy options to ensure a secure vote - curtain, banner and panel options are available that are product specific.

All Weather

Will survive flooded or damp stored. Can be used outdoors in all weather conditions​