Folding Light
Folding Light 2

Folding Booth Light

The new 30 SMD** USB Desk Lamp from Pakflatt® is a very latest in high quality lighting and is an excellent accessory for the MXB Kiosk. It fits perfectly in the bridge holder clamp and with its USB connection will provide endless hours of bright light both at 100% and 50% light modes.
4 x AAA batteries can also be used but are not as powerful as the USB source.

Closed size 5” X 2.8” x 1.5” | Open size 5” x 2.8” x 12.5” | Weight 205g
Power source USB Lead / 4 x AAA Batteries
Output 30 SMD** 250 Lumens
Light mode 100% - 50% - Off

**SMD means surface mounted diode. This is a better technology than the first generation DIP LEDS. The SMD type LEDS are mounted on an aluminium substrate and enveloped in an epoxy resin.